This is a project I worked on with the band Nootka Sound for their double LP release titled “A Man and his Ego” and “Evelyn” respectively. The record is a vast aural journey which evokes so many sensations and draws upon many experiences and emotions. The second half contains no vocals as the songwriters grandmother (Evelyn) remarked that she enjoyed her grandsons music a great deal excepting his singing, so he made a record that she could fully embrace.

I was struck by a quilting calendar I found at my own grandmothers house. The balance quilters are able to achieve with several visual constructs in play simultaneously is captivating. I compiled clips of many images I have collected over the years to create a fabric of imagery to reflect the wide scape of image found in listening to the record. I was thrilled to be able to use a font like Didot which has such classic and elegant form in a less traditional and slightly chaotic context.